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nazca lines

Nazca Lines


The Nazca Lines are giant figures drawn in the desert south west coast of Peru by the ancient Nazca. There are many figures that can be seen in Nazca, among many geometric shapes can be seen, meanders, representations of animals, plants and human figures, mazes, and other geometric patterns.

The most amazing thing is that these lines can only be seen clearly from the air resulting in countless theories about their purpose and how they were designed. According to studies clearly show the large geometrical knowledge that the ancient people had to develop such Nazca lines, Nazca lines technically are perfect in size and perfectly suited to the geography of the area.

The drawings are well proportioned, especially if these dimensions enhances possess. Make lines and figures would have taken a long time, perhaps several generations, and many people had to contribute to the creation of the Nazca Lines, thus declared cultural heritage of Peru. It’s amazing to think that figures made in the desert until the day still well preserved today, and showing the intellectual capacity of the old settler of Nazca.


Early in the morning you will be picked up from your hotel in Nazca to lead the local airfield, there board a plane for a memorable flight over the Nazca Lines and the best way to recognize the ways that cause the lines drawn on the surface . The flight over the Nazca lines takes about 35 minutes.

During this time, you may see different figures drawn on the surface of the Nazca desert stone, representing stylized animals and plants, distributed in a huge maze of lines, trapezoids, triangles and spirals that have survived for nearly 2000 years. Undoubtedly an impressive display of geometric knowledge left by ancient inhabitants of Peru. After the flyby, return to the hotel in Nazca.



  • Pick up from hotel in Nazca.
  • Transfers and tickets to tourist attractions.
  • Personal attention.
  • Professional guide.
  • Transfer to the hotel after the tour.
  • Accommodation in Nazca.
  • Extras.


  • It is recommended to wear light clothing because in this area it is very hot.
  • If this tour in the afternoon, bring a jacket because there is usually wind.
  • Bring hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and water.


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