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iquitos national reserve pacaya samira

National Reserve Pacaya Samiria Tour




We start our adventure of the Peruvian forest at the Iquitos City Airport, from there we will transport in a modern and comfortable air-conditioned minivan traveling on a nice highway to the town of Nauta.
Nauta was the first township founded by the Spanish at the Maranon River’s bank. The trip takes approximately 1.30 hours, a 97 km journey. In Nauta we will take boats, which belong to the lodge, to visit the Ucayali and Maranon River, where the Amazon River is born, from here we have a spectacular sight of the forest because of the 100 foot high watching tower, next we will go on with our trip to the lodge for lunch and accommodation. In the afternoon, we will go on a hike through the rainforests that surround the lodge, to appreciate rainforest flora and fauna; depending on the weather conditions, we are able to observe a beautiful sunset.
Dependant on night time climate conditions, we will make an excursion by boat to observe night animals and insects; also enjoyable is hearing the various sounds that come from the forest, later we will be back to the lodge for dinner and resting.


At dawn, we will make a small hike through the forest around the lodge, searching for birds to observe, followed by breakfast back at the lodge.
Immediately after, we will go to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve where we register our entry and then continue out journey into the reserve.
In our visit to the reserve we will make a special excursion to observe the gray and pink dolphin down the Yanayacu River, in addition we will be in contact with the vast variety of flora and fauna that the reserve offers.
Something that immediately catches our attention is the black waters of the rivers, which reflects with such an identical image, the sky, the clouds, the bank’s vegetation, the huge trees, that the tourists have the sensation of traveling between mirrors; this is why the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is known as the “jungle of the mirrors”.
At noon we will stop to have our box lunch.
We will visit Japon and Plantano lakes (cochas), with a great variety of palms, large trees and a beautiful landscape. At this place, we can make a variety of activities, dependant on the tourist, such as canoe rides, piranha fishing, and identification of plants, bird watching or maybe just relaxing with a nice cool swim in one of the lakes.
At the end of the day, we will back to the lodge for dinner and resting.


After breakfast we will visit a riverbank village to observe the lifestyle and daily activities of the people, such as hunting, gathering, fishing or agriculture, we can also collaborate with the community development buying typical souvenirs hand made by the natives, made of seeds and a vegetable ivory called tagua.
Immediately after lunch we go out to the Iquitos City Airport or hotel.


Note: This program can vary due to weather conditions.




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