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Monkeys Island 4 Days

This tour offers the extraordinary opportunity to be in contact with nature and to enjoy the exotic and wonderful places that the Peruvian Amazon contains. There are only a few places in the world where nature is shown as splendid and abundant as in the Amazon Forest of Peru. Here, there is a conjunction of vibrant forests, impetuous and mighty rivers and immense swamps and marshes that conform an exuberant ecosystem where the life is manifested in almost all its forms. Amid this wonderful place, in an area that covers 10,000 hectares (25,000 acres), the natural ecological reservation ECOAMAZONÍA LODGE sits in an area known as The Tambopata, 30 km from Puerto Maldonado by the River Bajo Madre de Dios. We will have the chance to observe this wonderful place and witness the bustling and cheerful flocks of parrots as well as more than 1,200 species of birds. Also, you will have the opportunity to see 700 types of butterflies and hundreds of animal species that look for refuge in the heart of the Amazonian. ECOAMAZONÍA LODGE invites you to a spectacular trip that will revolutionize your senses. You will also be contributing to sustainable eco‑tourism to ensure that this beautiful reservation is conserved.



We will arrive at Puerto Maldonado, the biodiversity capital of Peru. After a reception at the airport, we will ride to the city center by bus. We will then depart from the port and travel down the Madre de Dios River. During the trip, we will see caimans, turtles, herons and other species of animals along the riverbanks.
When we arrive to the ECOAMAZONIA LODGE, you will be served an exquisite welcome drink, after which we will have time to settle in to your bungalows and eat lunch.
In the afternoon, with our specialized guide, we will visit Monkey Island, which is only 5 minutes from the Lodge. During our hike through the island we will observe extraordinary scenery and exuberant flora that shelters a tremendous variety of monkeys in their natural habitat, such as the Black Spider Monkey, Capuchin Monkey, Tamarins, Squirrel Monkeys, and the South American Coati, as well as a number of bird species. We will then complete our visit to Monkey Island by enjoying the sunset, and then returning to the Lodge for dinner.


After breakfast we begin our guided adventure through the virgin rainforest on foot to the Lost Cocha. The Lost Cocha is a protected ecosystem sustaining an immense variety of animals such as giant otters, caimans, turtles, Brazilian tapirs “sachavacas”, colorful birds, the majestic jaguar, and diverse fish species. This area is a unique part of the Ecoamazonia Reserve because its immense swamps and marshes still remain fully intact. Later, we will arrive at our extraordinary Amazon Watch Tower, built at the top of an immense tree (the Shihuahuaco) from which we can appreciate the full and magical beauty of the rainforest. We will also go for a pleasant canoe ride around the lake, after which we will return to the Lodge for lunch. In the afternoon we will go on another canoe trip down the river to visit a local family living in the rainforest. Finally, we will return to the Lodge for dinner.


We will start the day with breakfast and then begin another trip through the magical rainforest, navigating down the Madre de Dios River to the path that leads to the Gamitana and Briolo Rivers. These rivers are born from the innermost virgin forest and form impressive serpentine channels, through which we will travel by canoe while appreciating animals at only an arm’s length. We will also have the opportunity to fish and swim in the crystalline waters of the Gamitana River. Finally we will return to the Lodge for dinner.

DAY 4:

After breakfast, we will transfer to the Puerto Maldonado airport.



  • Transfer to/from the airport
  • Accommodation in bungalows
  • All meals
  • Bilingual guided excursion



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