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Maras, Moray, Sal Mines 1 Day

The Sacred Valley of the Incas has in its territory many places to visit and contemplate, places where you can appreciate the treasures that this sacred land hides. The circuit of Maras without doubt is a good alternative to get in contact with nature.

This tour is an unforgettable experience, the wonder of its snow-capped mountains that decorate the route make this an unimaginable place. On this tour we will visit the town of Maras, the agricultural areas of Moray and the Salineras (salt mines) of Maras.

Maras small town.-

The small town of Maras is located to the west of the city of Cusco; about 3.300 m.a.s.l. from here we will appreciate the imposing mountains of the Andes and the representative snowcapped peaks of La Cordillera Urubamba, Veronica (5.680 meters) and Chicon (5.530 meters).

The history of its population dates back to the colonial era when many of the Inca nobles were stripped of their goods and banished from the city of Cusco, many of them were forced to settle in remote areas of the city, that is how the small town was formed.

Moray archaeological group.- 

Moray is located 7 km from the town of Maras, this archaeological group is a set of platforms by way of concentric rings overlapping one another. These circular platforms were built on a gigantic natural hollow; impressive of this archaeological group is the temperature variation which has one of the terraces.

Moray was without a doubt an important center of domestication, acclimation and hybridization of agricultural products that were adapted and acclimated for human consumption. Moray, was also a magnetic center, because you can perceive within this sector solar energy that is stored during the day.

Salineras (Salt mines) of Maras.-

This is a summit of approximately 3.000 salt wells, which were worked by the old Incas, They used these mines for the extraction of salt, that served for the preparation of their food, and often also to make the popular interchange products with different communities of the territory of the Tawantinsuyo.

These wells for the extraction of salt in the present, it is still worked by the local inhabitants for daily consumption.



The tour starts early in the morning, we will pass by you at the hotel and go toward the town of Maras, after a guided visit we will go to the archaeological site of Moray, and finish our tour by visiting the salt mines of Maras.


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